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Prologue with zoom in; Shadowlands map; split screen effect for two prologues (DyD); 2 forests; the Lost Academy and the pixie village; shots of the school Wydden talking to the staircase (cryptic) Daikoku is on the staircase for some reason, running; ends with Daikoku popping out of the staircase and Des leaving the village

Episode One: DyD meet

Plot Draft One
Startage: DyD meet and start on their journey
Evil Goat: Padric; standing order--many years ago, Edspuh

Mortimer is a part-time (minor) Chaos mage (Randomousity mage)
something happened involving him, Wudden, and Edspuh and now we have Ambrosia and WITS; they are traveling around, Ambrosia is with him, WITS pops in and out--might still be headmaster; separate storyline

Edspuh was a classical sorcery mage; words are power; she said something wrong
she was trying to curse one pixie temporarily; she ended up cursing all pixies for indeterminate length of time; pixies magic was locked and Edspuh can't unlock because it is tied to the prophecy but it is drawn from her magic, so when she turned into a donkey, the lock weakened; could be a couple generations ago--she has to be around to witness the fulfillment of the prophecy; Edspuh and Wudden are possessing Ambrosia and WITS (release the mist)

Des knows what she's trying to do but she doesn't necessarily know how to do it; she keeps checking things off the prophecy; she's never been told, but its pretty obvious what she's looking for; she can't be told and she can't tell

Meet Mortimer first; Padric flames them because he's trying to get Mortimer

Daikoku is a fairly experienced student; Wydden sent him to help her because he is a meddling old guy; Daikoku and Des are in Ash.

1. DyD meet and accept the fact that they have to work together
2. DyD meet Mortimer
3. DyDyM meet Padric
Roast Geese Incident
4. Town-lose Mortimer and Peanut Counting Compass incident
5. Wadden- don't meet Wadden; Wadden is expecting you, take up--staircases!
scene: meeting--WITS Wudden is the squirrel
6. Clouds
7. Ed's ship-get rained out of the cloud? (Sfod and Svod)
8. Desert-Port--Mortimer again!
9. Under the Mountains
10. Wyddan

The eldest child of the eldest children shall venture forth on a quest, which will lead them below the earth and above the sky, through the fire and over the water.
The twice-blessed one shall become the inconsequential ruler of the underworld.
And inherited gifts shall unlock the elements, which, with wisdom, shall release the mist.
Once told, the quest shall end.
Blessed are the Lost for through them comes magic.

Wits is another form of wisdom
they figured out what they could tell by trial and error

Daikoku's grandmother was a kitsune; it skipped a generation, but he's not fully fox either; he is non-shadowlandian; he started approx two years ago; his speciality is illusions; perfectionist; AIR; range of kids from puberty into adulthood (length of stay is very varied); mixes well but doesn't talk a lot; he's ina coven by himself; a friendly loner; prob interested in range of illusroy powers--large projects from time to time; prankster but kindof a subtle

The bag-traditional, made by Edspuh, in it are the 4 stones, etc; WITS steals a ride in the bag, Daikoku is carrying it, doesn't want to; puts it on Ambrosia and *poof*
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